Computer Education and Instructional Technology

The CEIT department was established in 1998. Innovations and improvements in technology have changed so many things in people's lives. There have been huge improvements in terms of spread of information. Computers continue to make an ever-increasing impact on all aspects of education from primary school to university and in the growing areas of open and distance learning. In addition, the knowledge and skills related to computers have become essential for everybody in the Information Age. However, at all levels in society, there is a huge need for qualified personnel equipped with the skills that help them to be successful in their personal and professional lives. The department aims to train students (prospective teachers) who would teach information technology-related courses in K-12 institutions. It also provides individuals with knowledge and professional skills in the development, organization, and application of resources for the solution of instructional problems within schools.

Teaching is done by a combination of lectures, classes, and practical work in modern laboratories with state-of-the-art workstations where a wide range of learning resources in print, recording, or in electronic form are used. Moreover, students are required to do practice teaching in schools as a part of their training. Assessments of the students are done through written and oral exams, laboratory assignments, term projects, project presentations, and group work.

The CEIT Department graduated its first group of students in June 2002. Most of the graduates have been appointed as computer teachers in K-12 schools. Some graduates preferred to work as graduate assistants at universities, and some others preferred to work as web designers, software developers, and programmers in various private companies. Since students are provided with a wide range of skills and knowledge related to the use of technology in various settings during their four years of study, they are expected to find similar positions easily in the future as well.

The CEIT department started a Master of Science (M.S.) program at the beginning of Fall 2001 and a Ph.D. program at the beginning of Fall 2005. Both programs aim to do scientific research on the use of information technologies in teaching-learning situations, development and diffusion of those technologies in educational settings and distance learning, developing educational products, and training human resources needed in the field.